Tooth Extractions


At Rowntree Gate Dental, our utmost mission is to assist our patients in preserving and nurturing their natural teeth for an extended duration. Nonetheless, situations may arise where a tooth, unfortunately, sustains irreparable damage, making extraction an unavoidable course of action. Our approach to this procedure is reserved as a final option, and should such a circumstance arise, you can have complete confidence in our commitment to ensuring your utmost comfort throughout the process. Moreover, if the need arises, we are proficient in promptly replacing the extracted tooth, minimizing any period of time spent with an incomplete smile. Our unwavering dedication is to alleviate any anxiety associated with such situations, consistently prioritizing your ease.

Why You Might Need A Tooth Extraction

At Rowntree Gate Dental, we always prioritize conservative treatments, but sometimes the optimal solution involves the careful extraction of a problematic tooth. Our approach is centered around various situations, including:

  1. Extensive decay that has affected more than two-thirds of a tooth’s structure.
  2. Physical trauma that has compromised the enamel’s ability to support a restoration.
  3. An advanced infection that has compromised the bone necessary for tooth stability.
  4. A persistent baby tooth that is obstructing the proper eruption of its adult counterpart.

The advantage for our valued patients is that tooth extractions at Rowntree Gate Dental are remarkably gentle. Our process begins with numbing the area, followed by a delicate grasp of the tooth using specialized dental forceps. Subsequently, we delicately wiggle the tooth, and before you realize it, the tooth naturally releases. This seamless technique often leaves patients unaware of the extraction process.

Although mild oral discomfort may be experienced in the initial days following the extraction, patients typically recover their normal state within a week, resuming their regular diet and daily activities without interruption.

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