Children’s Emergency Dentist


As a parent, you understand that unforeseen incidents can occur. Whether your child experiences an unexpected facial impact during playtime with friends or awakens to a distressing toothache, rest assured that Rowntree Gate Dental, your trusted partner in Brampton, is ready to offer prompt assistance. Our dedicated team of three expert dentists specializes in pediatric emergency care, ensuring your child’s smile receives immediate attention. Offering convenient same-day appointments and extended operational hours, we prioritize your family’s dental needs during critical times.

How To Handle Common Dental Emergencies

When your child encounters a dental emergency, reach out to us at Rowntree Gate Dental as your first step. Whether it’s an ongoing, increasingly painful toothache or a sudden injury, we are here to assist. While we’ll offer personalized guidance when you call, here are a few fundamental first-aid pointers to consider until you can make it to our office.

My Child Has A Toothache

At Rowntree Gate Dental, we understand that your child’s enamel is notably thinner compared to that of adult teeth. As a result, it becomes more susceptible to decay and the ensuing discomfort. To alleviate this concern, attempt flossing around the affected tooth to eliminate any trapped debris that might be contributing to the problem. Should this approach prove ineffective, employing ice packs and acetaminophen can aid in minimizing swelling and alleviating any discomfort until their scheduled appointment.

My Child Chipped/broke A Permanent Tooth

At Rowntree Gate Dental, we advise you to carefully gather all fragments of the fractured tooth, including those embedded in your child’s gums, and bring them along when you visit our office. To safeguard the delicate oral tissues, you can utilize dental wax or sugarless gum to shield any jagged surfaces. In case of bleeding, it’s essential to refrain from using pain relievers containing aspirin. Your child’s dental well-being is our priority.

My Child Knocked Out A Baby Tooth

At Rowntree Gate Dental, we understand that while baby teeth are designed to naturally shed over time, an early loss of one can potentially result in significant issues. Adjacent teeth might migrate into the space, potentially encumbering the emergence of the permanent tooth. We strongly recommend bringing the displaced tooth along for your appointment. However, it is crucial not to attempt self-replacement. Your dental experts at Rowntree Gate Dental are here to guide you through the appropriate steps.

My Child Knocked Out A Permanent Tooth

For urgent situations involving knocked-out permanent teeth, prompt action is crucial, and at Rowntree Gate Dental, we’re here to help. It’s vital to reach our office within the hour. Remember to handle the tooth only by its crown, avoiding any contact with the roots. While you can rinse it gently using plain water or milk, refrain from removing any remaining tissue. To maintain its moisture, you might consider repositioning the tooth in its socket or storing it in a milk or saliva-filled container. Our team is ready to assist you during such emergencies.

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