Jaw Pain


At Rowntree Gate Dental, we want you to understand the significance of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) – the pivotal joint responsible for jaw movement. Comprising a pair of TMJs, positioned on either side of your jaw, they collaborate seamlessly to facilitate the opening and closing of your mouth, enabling essential functions such as chewing and speaking. A condition known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), which we specialize in addressing, is a progressive degenerative ailment that can evolve over years, exerting profound repercussions on your overall health and well-being. When the alignment of your jaw falters, a cascade of symptoms may ensue, including persistent headaches, discomfort in the neck and shoulders, audibly perceivable clicking or popping sensations within the jaw, jaw immobility, jaw pain, teeth grinding, tinnitus, and even sensations of tingling in your fingers. At Rowntree Gate Dental, we are dedicated to enhancing your comfort and restoring the natural harmony of your jaw’s function, ensuring a life of optimal health and quality.

Teeth Grinding

Introducing Rowntree Gate Dental! Many individuals experience the habit of teeth grinding or clenching, a medically termed condition called bruxism. Occasional grinding might not pose immediate harm, but persistent grinding can give rise to dental issues and additional oral health complexities. At Rowntree Gate Dental, we understand that teeth grinding can often stem from stress and anxiety, although its occurrence is commonly during sleep hours. Moreover, an abnormal bite, missing teeth, or misalignment can contribute to this habit. In some cases, sleep apnea, a sleep disorder, can also trigger teeth grinding tendencies. Since grinding predominantly takes place while you sleep, you might remain unaware unless symptoms like chronic headaches or jaw discomfort manifest. When you visit our esteemed dental practice, our experts will evaluate your oral health, including any signs of bruxism such as jaw tenderness and excessive dental wear. Continuous teeth grinding may lead to issues like fractures, looseness, deterioration, or tooth loss for some patients. To address this concern, our skilled dentist can recommend interventions like dental bridges, crowns, root canals, implants, partial dentures, or complete dentures, if necessary. As a proactive measure, during your upcoming dental appointment, consider inquiring about a tailor-made mouth guard. This customized solution, available through our office, offers a preventive approach to safeguard your teeth against nighttime grinding. At Rowntree Gate Dental, your optimal oral health is our priority.

Clicking Or Locked Jaw

At our clinic, we want to share valuable information about your oral health. The temporomandibular joint, positioned adjacent to each of your ears, plays a crucial role in linking your jaw to your skull, enabling essential functions like speech, chewing, and yawning. Should you encounter clicking or locking sensations in your jaw, it’s possible that you’re dealing with a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). This condition arises when injury, inflammation, or other factors harm your jaw joint. Ideally, your temporomandibular joint operates seamlessly, facilitating natural and unhindered jaw movement. However, inflammation or damage can disrupt this motion, causing clicking or locking and hindering mouth opening. Certain instances of TMD can be alleviated through lifestyle adjustments, such as discontinuing gum chewing. Moreover, proactive measures like stress reduction, using a night guard for teeth grinding, opting for softer foods, and employing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication can aid in your recovery. In more severe TMD cases, seeking assistance from a dental expert, particularly if it stems from oral injury or inflammatory conditions, becomes essential. Surgical interventions are infrequent and recommended only when alternative treatments prove ineffective. Experience dedicated care and guidance at Rowntree Gate Dental as we prioritize your dental well-being.


When you visit our practice, our dedicated team will carefully examine your teeth and oral cavity to identify any visible signs of wear or concerns. If any issues are detected, we employ a range of advanced techniques to uncover the root cause and create a personalized treatment plan tailored just for you. Our comprehensive assessment includes a thorough oral examination, panoramic x-rays, utilization of our cutting-edge 3-D scanner to create a detailed model of your mouth, and capture high-definition photographs.

At Rowntree Gate Dental, we understand that there are typically two effective approaches to addressing TMJ dysfunction. The first option involves the use of braces and potentially other orthodontic appliances, which work together to correct your jaw’s alignment and growth. Alternatively, our second method involves establishing a physiologic bite position using a specialized appliance over a period of 2-3 weeks. This precise positioning is then complemented by the application of crowns, restoring your teeth to their optimal and healthy alignment.

It is of utmost importance to initiate early treatment for TMD concerns to mitigate the risk of future oral health complications. Your well-being and comfort are central to our practice philosophy here at Rowntree Gate Dental.

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