Panoramic Dental X-Rays


At Rowntree Gate Dental, we offer panoramic dental X-rays, also referred to as panoramic radiographs or orthopantomograms (OPGs). This advanced dental imaging method offers a comprehensive and expansive perspective of the entire oral cavity, jaw, and adjacent structures. By capturing a singular image, it presents a holistic view that encompasses both the upper and lower jaws, teeth, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), sinuses, and other essential elements – all within a single film. Widely employed within the realm of dentistry, panoramic X-rays play a crucial role in assessing overall oral well-being, diagnosing dental ailments, and strategically planning for diverse dental procedures.

Why should I have Panoramic Dental X-Rays

  1. Precise Diagnosis and Tailored Treatment Strategies: Rowntree Gate Dental recognizes the significance of Panoramic X-rays as invaluable diagnostic instruments in the field of dentistry. These images facilitate the detection of diverse dental conditions, such as impacted teeth, cysts, tumors, bone irregularities, infections, and indications of gum disease. With this advanced diagnostic aid, our skilled dentists achieve accurate assessments, leading to the development of effective and personalized treatment plans.
  2. Aiding Tooth Development Evaluation: Panoramic X-rays hold particular prominence in evaluating the growth and emergence of permanent teeth, especially in the case of children and adolescents. Our adept dentists can closely monitor growth patterns, identify potential anomalies, and strategize orthodontic interventions, such as braces or space maintainers, with precision.
  3. Facilitating Pre-Implant Analysis: At Vaughan Wood Bridge Family Dentistry, Panoramic X-rays play a pivotal role in assessing and planning dental implant procedures. These images offer a lucid view of jawbone density, bone structure, and proximity to vital anatomical structures, empowering our dentists to ascertain the viability of dental implants and meticulously blueprint their optimal placement.
  4. Continual Monitoring of Oral Health Dynamics: Our commitment extends to monitoring changes in your oral health over time, and Panoramic X-rays are an invaluable tool in this endeavor. By juxtaposing present images with past ones, our dental experts discern any evolution or regression of dental conditions, assess the efficacy of prior treatments, and make essential refinements to your personalized dental care strategy.

Procedure Practise

Experience the advanced dental care at Rowntree Gate Dental. Our state-of-the-art panoramic dental X-ray procedure involves positioning you in front of our specialized X-ray machine. This cutting-edge equipment will smoothly glide in a semi-circular trajectory around your head, skillfully capturing the necessary X-ray image. Rest assured, the procedure is swift and painless, usually completed in under a minute. To guarantee precise alignment during the imaging process, you may be requested to bite onto a bite stick or align your teeth with a reference line. Maintaining stillness throughout the X-ray is vital to ensure the acquisition of crystal-clear and highly accurate images.

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